'For us, playing music means sharing emotions with the audience. 
Every time this happens, we're living our dream.'


Trio Donauwellen consists of violin and two guitars. This trio is all about easy listening, fun and excitement. The guitars combine the warm sound of a classical guitar with the brilliant acoustic or electric tones of the lead guitar. This gives the Covers that they play a very characteristic, fascinating sound in the wonderful world of small instrumental ensembles.

They offer a wide variety of repertoire that “sets the house on fire”. It includes Pop, Latin music, Spanish music, Rock, Country and Ballads. Their performance (act) is dynamic, exciting and intense. 

With professionalism, reliability and passion for their profession, trio Donauwellen guarantees performance you can count on.

Region: We are active in Austria along the Danube from Vienna to Linz (based in Vienna).
Contact: Hein De Waele B.V. Neerpoorten 18, 1861 Wolvertem, Belgium 
Telephone: 00 32 2 309 93 04 
Mobile: 00 32 476 660 014 
Email: direction@lastrada-circle.com

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